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October 24, 2014

Hidden Fasteners for Composite Decks – Are They Worth It?

A growing number of homeowners today are picking out to have their composite decks built with hidden fasteners. With hidden fasteners a composite deck may be constructed without having applying unsightly screws or nails. But are hidden fasteners worth the added cost, and extra labor, necessary to set up them? Our business sells a sizable amount of Protechwood brand composite decking each year. At the point of sale each and every consumer is afforded an opportunity to buy either screws, or hidden fasteners, to attach their decking. In spite from the reality that we sell the lowest priced hidden fasteners out there, as well as the only ones which can be made for specifically for composite decking, over half of our buyergetin screws. When asked why, the answers are just about always exactly the same: hidden fasteners are either also pricey, also time consuming to set up, or both. But let’s look at those responses in their suitable context.

How lots of home owners would be satisfied to have the screws visible in the drywall of their homes? How several houses do you find together with the siding “face-nailed”? Or, how many wood floors have the screws or nails out in plain view? Visualize just how much money may very well be saved in the event the drywall installer didn’t take the time to hide the screws. The siding on a house would be substantially stronger, and easier to set up, if it have been faced-nailed. And, wood floors may be installed for substantially much less dollars when the boards weren’t all tongue-and-groove. Persons go to a lot of problems, and cost, to insure that the fasteners on these surfaces are certainly not visible. They expect that these fasteners will be hidden. But when it comes to decking the story seems to transform);

It appears that lots of persons count on to view the fasteners on their deck. They expect it for the reason that that is definitely the way decking has often been installed. But items are altering speedily. An increasing number of people are realizing that their new composite deck does not need to have exposed screws or nails. And that the added cost of hiding the fasteners is worth each and every penny. The causes are obvious to any person who has ever noticed a composite deck constructed with higher top quality hidden fasteners. In fact, within the not too distant future, it’s most likely that hidden fasteners might be the rule, not the exception, for composite deck building.

There are lots of kinds of hidden fasteners readily available. Most will fall into one of three general categories: those that call for a biscuit joint, or groove, within the side with the decking, these that use prongs driven into the sides in the decking or these that use brackets attached for the sides with the joists. An exclusive hidden fastener produced especially for composite decking could be the Aphano hidden fastener. Like any item, the advantages, and disadvantages, of every unique item have to be meticulously regarded as. But when it comes time for you to develop a composite deck, hidden fasteners should be regarded as a very practical selection.

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