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January 23, 2014

Plastic decking VS Protechwood composite decking

protechwood composite decking- your best choice

A excellent Alternative to Plastic Decking

If you’re looking for plastic decking or PVC decking, why not explore some other composite decking products first? Yes, plastic decking has the enormous benefit of being low-maintenance, but what if you could find alternative decking materials that had the gorgeous natural look of timber, but with the low maintenance qualities of plastic deck boards?

That’s exactly why more and more people are choosing Protechwood’s brand of composite decking, made from a unique blend of recycled wood fiber and Plastic(HDPE). Protechwood’s composite decking materials look just like real wood, but are virtually maintenance-free – just like plastic decking.

1. Protechwood’s decking materials are the environmentally-friendly option
Plastic decking is definitely not the green option, but Protechwood’s decking products tick all the eco-friendly boxes. It’s made from wood waste from the furniture industry, which is ground into ‘wood flour’ and combined with polymer to make composite decking that’s great-looking, long-lasting, and low-maintenance too!

2. Guaranteed better quality than plastic deck boards
Protechwood Proshield decking comes with a 25 year guarantee – these composite decking materials that are made to last. While PVC decking can bow and crack underfoot, Protechwood boards feel stable underfoot. And unlike timber decking – the main alternative to plastic deck boards – you don’t have to worry about Protechwood boards fading or warping.

3. Protechwood decking materials are not as pricey as you might think
While plastic decking is the marginally less expensive option, you definitely get what you pay for with Protechwood’s alternative decking materials. Plastic decking often has a cheap look and it’s prone to bowing, flexing and possibly splitting. The chances are high that you’ll have to replace some of it over time – so it’s not the cost-effective option it first seems. Although a little more expensive than plastic decking, Protechwood’s alternative decking materials are still an affordable option. If you spend a few extra pounds from the off, you’ll get a quality product that is guaranteed to last a long time and looks so much better than other synthetic decking products.

4. The low maintenance alternative decking solution
If you were thinking about plastic decking, chances are you were attracted by its low-maintenance appeal, but Protechwood’s brilliant composite decking materials also have all the benefits of low-maintenance decking. It may look like wood, but you’ll never have to spend time sanding or painting it. It’s a blend of wood fiber and plastic; the plastic encapsulates the wood fibre, preventing it absorbing moisture. All it needs is the occasional jet wash to keep it looking good – leaving you time to relax and enjoy your outdoor living space.

5. Stand out from the crowd with our alternative decking materials
Plastic decking usually means white, white and more white. But Protechwood’s semi-composite decking allows you to tailor your deck to your tastes, with lots of different colours available, from cedar to slate. We also have a range of composite handrails in colours to compliment or contrast with your choice of decking shade, plus integrated deck lights to complete the look. Why settle for plastic deck boards when you could have something that looks just like wood?

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