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September 13, 2015

Protechwood – Alexander ‘Kins’ And Their Worth

‘Kins’ is the title given to the attractive eight inch dolls produced by The Alexander Doll Corporation commencing in early 1953. The ‘Kins’ were being a departure from Madame Alexander as they were being produced from a tricky major and sturdy plastic as an alternative of her regular composite. Although the substance experienced adjusted, Madame Alexander’s strict demand from customers for large high quality sure did not and it confirmed in these dolls.

As with all points Madame Alexander did these dolls progressed and innovated relatively immediately. In just their 2nd calendar year of manufacturing the dolls grew to become straight leg walkers. Two several years later, in 1956, the dolls progressed once again to incorporate jointed knees. The new far more multipurpose legs authorized the dolls to pose as in no way in advance of, to kneel and of program sit.

The system of the dolls was not the only point to alter in excess of the several years. Madame Alexander like variety and she produced sure her dolls in no way grew to become monotonous. Each and every calendar year the ‘Kins’ were being dressed in a wondrous array of new dresses that held the line new and one of a kind. The line was also bought at diverse accent concentrations. Some designs included only the essentials like the doll, panties, sneakers and socks with outfits bought separately. Other people were being comprehensive boxed sets with a fully dressed doll included.

Regretably not just about every doll in the line grew and progressed. The ‘Quiz-Kins’ were being only produced in 1953 and in no way returned. The distinguishing characteristic of a ‘Quiz-Kin’ was the two pushbuttons on the back. A single button would make the doll nod yeas and the other no. Inspite of their relative rarity and one of a kind the Quiz-Kins are not usually as important as the typical Alexander-Kins are. To my comprehension this is thanks the Quiz-Kins usually becoming bought with very basic and simple apparel.

Figuring out Your Alexander-Kin

Although the ‘Kins’ are continue to developed today and are now exported globally the most important types are of program the unique vintage designs. Right here are some recommendations to help you establish your doll.


Alex” or “Alexander”

From 1953 to 1976 the Kins experienced “ALEX” composed on their backs, immediately after that the comprehensive title “Alexander” appeared.

Serial Quantities

Dolls that came presently gown experienced a 3 digit number (i.e. #123) on their box. Bins that experienced four digits (i.e.0123) were being for boxed outfits. It is not unusual to see a doll and a box with serial quantities that do not match. This is usually for the reason that dolls were being usually shown in a window and when bought put back in a box, not automatically the box they originally came in.


Two Buttons

This is a trademark characteristic of the Quiz-Kins. The buttons management head movement and these dolls were being only developed in 1953.

Straight Leg Walkers

Straight leg walkers were being launched in 1954 and 1955. If you doll was a going for walks characteristic but no joint at the knee it was produced in either 1954 or 1955.

Jointed Knee

Jointed knees were being launched in 1956. If your doll has a joint in the knee space it can be no older than 1956.

Fuzzy Sole Footwear

Dolls with sneakers that experienced a fuzzy sole were being from 1953 to 1958. Be careful when making use of this method to day a doll as sneakers are the most generally replaced or shed product and could mislead you as to the dolls correct age.

Alexander-Kin Doll Values

It would be unattainable for us to listing the worth of just about every Alexander-Kin doll but they usually Kins vary from $four hundred – $2000 with the huge vast majority amongst $600 and $one thousand. As with most dolls a big share of the worth is determined by the outfit that the doll is carrying.

If you mail us the appropriate facts we could be equipped to give you a far more exact estimate of your dolls worth. Images definitely help!

Resource by Protechwood

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