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September 5, 2015

Protechwood – Beginner’s Tutorial to Computer system Video Editing

If you happen to be new to Computer system video clip editing then being aware of where by to begin can be a bit challenging, so hopefully this information will place you in the right way.

To begin with you will want a several merchandise of equipment

Camcorders/Video Decks

Relying on your specifications or aims there are range of distinctive answers to explore, so i will break up these up into separate sections.

one. If you are setting up from new then i suggest purchasing a new digital camcorder, this will give you excellent video clip and seem top quality as effectively as creating finding started off in video clip editing incredibly basic, so great for the beginner. There are 1000’s to decide on from catering for numerous styles of budgets.

2. You may possibly by now have an previous video clip deck or camcorder which makes use of the previous analogue outputs such as composite or s-video clip (be sure to examine initial what outputs you have).
For this type of set up you would want a capture card/analogue to digital converter, this is talked over in a lot more detail even more on in the article.

A Computer system for Video Editing

It is now attainable to very easily capture footage from your Digital Camcorder specifically to your Computer system and edit it.
If you hunting at purchasing a new Computer system or making a new 1 then the currents spec’s are a lot more then impressive sufficient, a typical spec Computer system these times is a P4, 512Mb Ram, 80Gb HDD, Windows XP or one thing together all those traces.
You could usually use your current Computer system if you have 1, but i wouldn’t suggest making use of anything at all underneath a PIII 600.

Additional Components

When transferring video clip from your camcorder to your Computer system there are a range of more points to take into consideration based on the variety of camcorder your making use of.

If you happen to be making use of a digital camcorder then all your want is a firewire card (also acknowledged as an IEE1394 card), a great deal of latest PC’s have these as conventional now, if not you will want to acquire the card separately. Some of these will come bundled with editing application such as Adobe Premiere but this actually depends on which card you invest in and how a lot you invest, the moment your camcorder is connected to your firewire port windows will routinely recognise your Digital Camcorder.

If your making use of the previous analogue camcorder then you will also want an analogue to digital converter, see the part on video clip editing cards underneath.


Its well worth looking at your Pc’s Processor speed, the speed will result the fee your video clip will encode, encoding is where by your DV video clip clips are converted into a a lot more compressed structure, for example DVD’s are encoded to MPEG2. So the a lot quicker the superior actually. Also take into consideration the total of RAM in your Computer system, 256Mb would be the minimum.

Further Hard Push Storage

Its well worth looking at getting an added devoted generate for your video clip footage, bear in mind that 5 minutes of DV footage makes use of 1GB of challenging generate space so take into consideration a huge potential challenging generate such as an 80Gb or 120Gb, also take into consideration the disk generate RPM, at minimum 7200RPM would be advised.
If your Computer system supports it (most new ones do now), then a Serial ATA (SATA) generate will give improved day transfer rates of up to 150MB/sec compared to one hundred or 133 offered by the IDE drives, you may possibly also take into consideration a SCSI generate if you happen to be Computer system has an SCSI adapter as conventional.

DVD/CD Burners

If your organizing on putting your movie onto CD-ROM (VCD), or DVD then a CDRW or DVDRW is an essential piece of package, most new pc’s may possibly have a CDRW or DVDRW as conventional, to melt away your DVD, you are going to want DVD authoring application.

Video Editing Playing cards

If you have and older analogue video clip camera/deck then an analogue USB or PCI capture cards will suffice.

These devoted analogue to digital converters consider process of conversion away from the CPU and thus speeds up transfer.

If well worth finding a top quality capture card as the cheaper cards can generate combined results,

The Video Editing Program

This is where by all your inventive function begins and the inventive function begins, you can capture video clip from your camera, edit the captured clips, prepare them into a sequence, increase transitions, credits and a soundtrack, titles and when your all set export your movie back again to the camera or a ideal encoded file structure (DVD, VCD and many others).

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