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August 11, 2015

Protechwood – Briquetting Systems Are Replacing Pelletizing Systems For Reuse of Wood Squander

Briquetting techniques are gaining recognition as a improved alternative than pelletizing products for reusing squander wood.

Making wood pellets is costly and the electricity applied in the system minimizes the price of the pellet as fuel (electricity articles less the electricity to make it). The density of pellets is roughly the density of the wood applied in producing it.

Briquetting, nonetheless, is a relatively very simple and forgiving system of turning wood chips, recycled wood, noticed dust into fuel. There are just two parameters that need to have to be satisfied:

1) The raw material equipped to the briquette equipment requires to have a particle dimension among 1/32″ and 1/two”.
two) The dampness articles (MC) requires to be among eight% and 13%.

Therefore, solid wood would need to have to be ground as a result of a grinder and/or a hammer mill and then dried if the MC is greater than 13%.

The total electricity applied by the briquetting system is noticeably less than the electricity applied to make pellets – less than one particular half. The devices applied to make pellets are costly and have to have quite costly maintenance. The density of a completed briquette is about 2 times the density of the wood applied in producing it, to the position that a briquette placed in a pail of h2o will sink. Briquettes can burn in the exact same stoves and boilers that use wire wood.

Briquetting techniques are major responsibility mechanical (substantial output and substantial performance) devices that system a variety of raw products into briquettes. These products involve together with squander wood, agricultural squander and fibers, recycled paper and cardboard, and far more. Briquetting devices compress the raw material, with out the need to have of any bonding additive, at 36,000 psi and 300 levels in temperature. Output capacities change from four hundred lbs/hr to three.three tons/hr. Mechanical briquetting is the most productive system and at the exact same time generates the most secure briquette.

Markets for briquetting involve the next:
* The residential industry (household heating, hearth, recreational fuel for camping or outdoor grilling) calls for a briquette among three” and three-1/two” in diameter, 10″ to 12″ extended, packaged in cardboard bins, shrink-wrap plastic, or simply strapped collectively in a bundle of eight briquettes.
* The commercial or industrial marketplaces are open to the biggest achievable briquette and do not have to have any comprehensive packaging. Packaging may well go from massive luggage to no packaging with shipment in bulk. The briquette usually is quite limited, most of the time it is so limited that somewhat than briquette it is called puck (as an hockey puck).

Relying on the high quality of the material and your software, you may well have to add some extra devices for the grinding, drying, and handling of the material, e.g. augers, conveyors, screens, silos, and for the packaging.

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