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May 21, 2015

Protechwood – Covered Decks Or Gazebos – Not Always a Do-It-Yourself Deck Project

Millions of people have seen and currently watch the do-it-yourself shows on television ranging from dog training to remodeling an entire home. It makes one wonder if it is as easy as the shows make it seem, why aren’t more individuals doing it themselves? There are two answers. The first answer is it isn’t as easy as the shows make it out to be. The second reason is editing. Most of the hard times and difficult steps are edited out to make a half hour show.

What the audience doesn’t see and realize is the number of years experience the work crews have remodeling and crafting something as “simple” as a textured wall. Make no mistake. It is an art creating a perfectly smooth, seamless wall and then going back over and adding a texture such as a stucco finish. The ability to do this type of work halfway decently is not a talent the majority of homeowners have developed or even possess.

Attempting to tackle a more involved do-it-yourself project, such as a covered deck or gazebo, requires much more stamina, patience, strength, and … The list goes on and on. The average stereotypical family has some tools, equipment, and some skill enough to make minor repairs to the home, however, in a very real sense, adding a covered deck or gazebo is adding another room.

Safety should always be in the forefront of the mind. There is no pleasure in not being able to enjoy an unfinished or finished deck with sustained injuries or having the structure fail while enjoying it. The next major component of adding a covered deck is having an understanding of basic construction techniques of a safe and supportive structure. If the homeowner doesn’t have a basic understanding of building techniques, then tragedy is soon to follow. Nothing is worse than completing a deck project just to have a small child being injured or worse due to improper construction. Many of the do-it-yourself programming touch on this, but these programs are never all inclusive to safety and proper techniques.

The next tasks which can be annoying, but necessary are obtaining the correct permits and inspections for a covered deck at the proper stages in order to prevent citations and fines. Many locales or home associations may prevent any construction that is not in keeping with the architectural style of the neighborhood.

If the homeowner possesses all of the proper tools, equipment, materials, and abilities to build a new covered deck, one of the best moves to ensure safety is to have a deck builder or residential contractor draft up blueprints for the construction of the new deck. As long as the homeowner is familiar with knowing how to read blueprints, a do-it-yourself deck building project is that much more of a reality.

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