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May 22, 2015

Protechwood – Design Tips For Your Outdoor Deck Rails

You may have just purchased a new home but the backyard is quite bare. You are now thinking of ways to enhance the area to make it attractive and a great place where you can hold small gatherings for family and friends. How about adding a garden patio with an elevated deck?

Picture your patio with lots of flowers and wonderful plants big and small. And then add to that a wooden deck which is a bit elevated for a fantastic effect. Does that give you a feeling of joy and excitement? It should because of the beauty you can achieve in your backyard with this idea.

Your deck project should not cost you much especially if you want to go hands on in constructing it. You may need to consult a professional designer first to determine the proper measurements for your deck appropriate for your available space outdoors. After that, you can start listing your materials and then order them.

For the deck, you will need decking boards which you can place in the pattern of your choice. If it’s an elevated one that you want, a strong and solid base and frame are essential. The decking boards will have to be laid straight and firm to make a sturdy deck.

You have to remember though that a deck would not be complete without a railing. A deck railing will ensure the safety of the area especially when there are small kids around. It will also prevent falls notably when the deck you have is elevated from the ground. Be sure to check your local building codes to guide and help you build a compliant deck railing.

In making your deck railing, you have various options not only in terms of materials but as well as in the sizes. For the top rails, you have a choice between using the 2×4 or 2×6 wood. Both can be installed horizontally or vertically. It can also have a slight slope to allow water to shed easily and prevent rotting.

For the posts, you can have them protrude at corners or at the end only. Another option is to have protruding posts at each railing section for a different look or at you can alternate them. It all depends on your preference.

Moving to the bottom rails, typically the 2×4 size is used. But you may need to bevel the edges a bit to let water flow easily and not stay on the flat surface.

In between the top and bottom rails are the so-called balusters or pickets which normally use the 2x2s. These can actually be screwed directly to the deck without using a bottom rail. Balusters and posts are available in different designs such as the colonial, twisted, tapered, plain, square and Victorian.

A wooden deck provides a classic look but you have to know that you can combine it with other materials such as a glass or metal deck railing for a more wonderful effect. Again, it will all depend on what style you like for your garden patio.

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