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September 8, 2015

Protechwood – Durastone Tile – Congoleum’s Option to Organic Flooring

Durastone tile by Congoleum is a luxury vinyl tile solution. Luxurious vinyl tiles are a exceptional different to natural tiles these types of as ceramic, slate, stone and marble. There are numerous factors that luxury vinyl tiles are a fantastic option to take into account for kitchens, bathrooms and any other part of the residence. Durastone tiles are extremely sturdy, uncomplicated to clean, provide warmth beneath foot, are extremely stain resistant, and can be changed comparatively simpler than other natural tiles. Congoluem’s Durastone tile collection must be a flooring option to take into account for your upcoming flooring task.

Durastone vinyl tile’s key benefit or natural tile items like ceramic is its’ toughness. The tiles are thoroughly unique that common, sheet vinyl design. Durastone has a a lot thicker, denser wear layer, a much better, business rated backing system and a composite vinyl core. These design and style attributes make it extremely resistant to cracks, dents and scratches. If you ended up to fall a hefty pan or item on ceramic tile, it stands a good likelihood of chipping, breaking or cracking. Durastone holds up fantastic as opposed to natural tiles when it comes to drops, scratches and many others. If you have animals, young children or hefty targeted traffic in an area of the property, Durastone luxury tiles will out accomplish nearly any other flooring option.

When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, Durastone wins out yet again. Basic dust mopping with an occasional moist mop is all that is desired. There is under no circumstances a need to clean or reseal tiles and grout traces. Cleaning and sealing grout traces after a calendar year is a activity several of us have figured out to despise. Durastone tiles are offered with or without having integral grouting. The grouting in the Durastone tile is vinyl so it stays clean just as the relaxation of the tile.

I have heard folks complain that they love the appear of ceramic or stone floors, but they dislike the cold sensation natural floors can give. Durastone tiles and other styles of luxury vinyl flooring are likely to be warmer beneath foot than natural floors. This may perhaps not seem to be to be an significant characteristic but to some householders it ranks extremely. The warmer sensation Durastone offers may perhaps also reduce the need for numerous rugs during the residence or home.

Stain resistance is quite significant in kitchens, bathrooms and even other areas of the property. Ceramic and stone maintain up sufficiently when anything is spilled, but if the sealant is older, stains can occur. Durastone vinyl tile has a end layer that is impervious to just about all stains with the exception of oil and fuel primarily based liquids. Hopefully, you will not have far too several fuel spills in the kitchen! The stain resistance of Durastone does awesome with pet accidents. Not only will Durastone resist stains from pet urine, but it will not soak up the odor possibly. If you have animals, a luxury vinyl tile or plank is anything you need to strongly take into account. Durastone carries a lifetime guarantee versus stains.

If a Durastone tile ended up to at any time become weakened, you can replace the tile with out the stress of working with getting rid of the grout. As outlined earlier, there are no separate grout traces with Durastone tiles. You can eliminate the bad tile and glue down one more. A side profit is that Durastone items are warrantied by Congoleum for the lifetime of the solution versus fading. This will become a substantial benefit if you have to replace a tile five or ten decades afterwards. With the developed in fading resistance, a new Durastone tile substitution will match the other individuals decades down the highway.

Congoleum provides 6 distinctive solution traces in Durastone. These collection are American Slate, Hearthstone, Palisade, Quartz, Symmetry, and Winery. With in excess of 24 unique patterns, shades and models to pick from, you can generate a natural looking ground with all the gains that Durastone luxury vinyl tile has to offer you.

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