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September 16, 2015

Protechwood – Engineered Vs Glue-Laminated Stair Treads

One particular of the most widespread tread linked questions is this: “Are your stair treads sound or veneered?”

Stair treads are typically sold as a sound glue-laminated product or “engineered”.

The most widespread stair tread is the glue-laminated product. These are a few, 4 piece laminations, normally 1″ thick. Glue-lamination is defined as “the bonding of two users with an adhesive forming a restricted joint with no noticeable delamination at the lines of software.” Bar or stress clamps are made use of in the method which result in joints that are usually stronger than the bordering content. Very good coloration match is necessary. One particular will not want the appear “Neapolitan ice product” in their stair. Having said that, in present day market that will not keep true as people have started asking for coloration, variants, even knots in their delivered product. The reason for the glue-lamination method is to build a product that will not twist or warp above time.

Treads are 5/four F.A.S. or decide on quality components, glue-laminated, then surfaced down to 1″ thickness. Most producers mill or stock 36″, 42″, 48″, fifty four”, 60, and 72″ stair treads.

Now we appear to the specifics concerning engineered treads. These are an import product, most frequently getting into the United states of america from China. Engineered treads are also known as veneered stair treads. Exterior of the fact that these are imports, the upside is the fact that engineered treads are superior to the traditional United states of america-manufactured glue-laminated treads. They are created as an oak butcher block then layered best and base with 1/8″ of sound oak with an hooked up nose. With the laminations concerned, the engineered fulfill the AWI standards for glue-lamination and then some, presenting the builder and household operator with a product that would almost certainly out last the typical.

Me, I personally desire the typical glue-laminated, United states of america-manufactured treads. If you buy a stair tread and the box is marked Designed in the United states of america, odds are it was Amish-manufactured. The Amish in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Iowa are perfectly known for their woodworking which features stair treads.

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