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May 22, 2015

Protechwood – Fitting of Floor Standing Metal and Wood Headboards

The floor standing headboard is packaged in a much larger box than the standard with legs because it is not only the width of your bed but because it stands on the floor is approx 4ft tall. But don’t be put off they are very straight forward to fit after removing the headboard from its box.

The only preparation you will have to do to the headboard after it is removed from the box is to fit the finials, unless they came already fitted and maybe some feet caps to protect your floor surface. This depends on the make and model of headboard.

Preparing the divan base is a straight forward enough if you already have had a headboard fitted and are replacing it with a new one the holes will be already visible, remove the bed headboard fixing screws that came with the bed

If it’s a new bed then it will more than likely have some small stickers over the holes for the bed headboard screws (large plastic capped screws about 2 ½ inches 6.5cm long) pierce through the sticker to find the hole in which the bed headboard screw attaches, it is easier to use a pointed implement be careful not to damage the material to much round the screw hole, screw in the bed headboard screws then remove it will make the last stage of fitment easier and also makes sure the screws holes are ok.

Position the floor standing headboard at the head end of the bed and align it up with the bed headboard fixing screw holes that you pieced earlier this should be straight forward.

The only parts of your headboard apart from the side rails that are any were near the bed headboard screw holes are the headboard fixing rails.

Screw the bed headboard screws (large plastic capped screws about 2 ½ inches 6.5cm long) through the headboard fixing rails and into your bed end base and tighten

It is easier to just lift up the headboard about ¼ inch 5mm from the floor to make it easier to move and position the bed back against the wall.

If you are positioning the headboard up against a wall which is light colored protect the wall from the headboard (metal against wallpaper or painted plaster will mark).

Stand back and see the difference the new headboard makes to your bed room.

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