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September 17, 2015

Protechwood – four Forms of Thread Protectors Made use of In Oilfield Gear

Oilfield tools has observed a rise in demand from customers next the unprecedented growth witnessed by the OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Merchandise) suppliers (globally) in recent periods. Surging demand from customers for oil and pure gas has resulted in a remarkable rise in costs, from $30 per barrel in April 1983 to $108 per barrel in 2011, according to the US Vitality Facts Administration. This has led to enhanced financial investment in power exploration and production.

Thread protectors are applied to protect the pipes all through the process of oil exploration and transportation. Their principal activity is to protect the threaded elements of the pipe from injury, these kinds of as corrosion, affect and make contact with with contaminants. These pipes are created from two variety of materials:

1. Steel Threads

2. Plastic Threads

Oilfield Gear: Forms of Thread Protectors

Protecting coverings for oilfield tools can be applied to the pipes, manually or by equipment. The principal benefit of metallic (metal) protectors is that they can be cleaned and re-applied, whereas the plastic thread protectors have to be gathered and then re-applied or recycled.

The principal sorts of thread protectors applied in Oilfield Gear are:

Plastic Protectors: All-plastic composite protectors can withstand rough handling problems all through the transportation process, preserving the threads in situation of affect and corrosion. The principal benefit of working with these protectors is they are lightweight, incur lower transportation fees, easily re-usable and recyclable, for this reason far more cost productive in the extensive operate.

All Steel Protectors: These are created to deal with the entire thread of the pipe and seal the inside and external threads of the pipe. The principal added benefits these protectors present are best protection from injury brought on by affect and corrosion. They complete exceptionally properly in serious climate problems.

Composite Steel Protectors: These protectors present the added benefits of both of those plastic and metallic protectors:

1. The corrosion resistance of plastic thread protectors, and

2. The affect resistance of metal protectors.

Created to deal with the pipe in its entirety, their major responsibility protecting masking guarantees resistance to damages from affect.

Tubular Dealing with Systems: These protectors are applied all through the lifting and offshore transportation process of the oil exploration process. Their modern packaging permits increased density packing for transportation/storage and presents a increased high quality of protection all through these processes. The added benefits they present consist of eradicating hazards related with pipe bundles and slings. These protectors also aid to do away with metallic-to-metallic make contact with, which brings about friction and final results in have on and tear all through the transportation process.

OCTG are critical oilfield tools and are a element of the general oil extraction and transportation process. Thread protection performs a major job in minimizing the have on and tear from this process.

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