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May 10, 2015

Protechwood – Hanging Your Own Coat Racks

Although many people might know they need coat racks in order to save space and add convenience to their home, the fact is that many people find it difficult to properly install them.

But by following a few fairly simple steps, a person can soon have racks on which he or she can hang jackets, sweaters, rain coats and umbrellas. Some of the things that must be done to hang these racks include:

o Measure the wall space – It is important to have an idea of how much wall space a person has to work with. Trying to squeeze something that is too large into a small space will detract from the aesthetics of the room.

o Find the studs – Most hardware stores will sell stud finders that allow a person to find where the wood is at under the drywall in order to make sure the nails being driven in are being put in a place that is stable.

If there are no studs in the wall, a person can still hang a rack, however it may not be able to hold as much weight otherwise.

o Write down the measurements – After the measurements have been written down, visit the store from which you plan to buy. It should fit in with the rest of the décor in the home as well as be able to stand up to a lot of usage.

o Ask for help – Ask an employee what kinds of tools or supplies are needed to hang coat racks. In addition to screws and plastic wall anchors, a salesperson might recommend other items that could prove to be helpful.

o Mount it – This is best performed if there are two people to affix the rack to the wall. As one person holds , the other can rest a level on top to ensure it is perfectly even. If the hanger desires to have it centered on the wall, ask a helper to either measure the length or take a few steps back to see if it looks like it is in the right spot. Make pencil marks where the holes should be drilled.

o Drill a hole – By using a drill with a proper-sized bit, make exact holes at each pencil mark in the wall. Be careful with each hole by drilling at the same level and same depth for each one.

o Use wall anchors – Using wall anchors increases the amount of weight coat racks are able to hold. Those who choose not to use wall anchors often find that the screws begin to get loose after some time. If these anchors cannot simply be pushed in, a couple of light taps with a hammer might help.

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