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May 11, 2015

Protechwood – Hen Nest Box Ideas – How to Make a Nest Box For Ideal Egg Production

If you want your chicken to achieve their utmost egg laying prospective, then you may well have to make some modifications to achieve this aim. Just one way to do this is to use quality chicken nest box strategies to make a nest box in which this aim is met.

Hen nest box play a important role in the egg laying potential of a hen. The style and design and size of the nest box could suggest a significant change in the conduct and way of egg laying chicken. So if you are experiencing a decrease in egg production, you can be certain a single of the explanations could be the nest box and how it can be built.

Hence, you need to be extra discriminate in picking out a certain chicken nest place. It has to have all the areas which helps make its style and design incredibly optimized for egg laying. Some items you need to give certain interest to are the next:

Sizing and Dimension

Based mostly on practical experience the size of unique nesting place issues a lot when it comes to quality and quantity of eggs. Chickens appear to be to have these preference for shoebox sized packing containers as opposed to those people bigger communal variety kinds. They appear to be to lay their eggs in the proper area when they have smaller sized room for nesting.

In my practical experience I have built a box with a top of ten inches, width and depth of twelve inches. I have produced the entrance of those people packing containers smaller sized with a width of 8-nine inches and top of 6 inches.


Just like human beings, chickens also need some stage of consolation in the area in which they are going to lay eggs. But compared with human beings, chickens really don’t seriously question for a great deal to accomplish this consolation. To give them this consolation, you only need to area some straws on their nesting area.

Aside from this, the place in which you might be going to area the packing containers has to be somewhere heat and well ventilated. This way, the chickens would not just lay their eggs wherever else in which it may well get wrecked by other chickens.

Hen Nest Box Ideas

You will have an less complicated time if you have well designed and prime notch chicken nest box strategies to guide you in the course of the method from get started to finish. The strategies would not have to be difficult. In actuality, I might alternatively go for straightforward but efficient blueprints as opposed to those people difficult kinds only to locate that the chickens are not that ridiculous about it.

also, if you might be exploring for the perfect nesting box strategy for your poultry, I suggest you glance for a blueprint with outstanding operating diagrams few with simple to apply guidelines. Trust me, you may be in a position to finish the career a great deal more rapidly this way.

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