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May 12, 2015

Protechwood – How to Build a Bat Rolling Equipment

One of the most searched locations in bat rolling is how to build a bat rolling equipment.

There are numerous components that go into constructing a bat roller. I will split this article out so you can make a n enlightened decision to whether you want to choose on these kinds of an endeavor.

Here are some thoughts that want to be answered just before you get started a job.

  1. How the equipment performs
  2. Elements and Materials
  3. Value
  4. Time

How the Equipment Is effective:

Right before any of these can be answered you will initially want to decide on what form of a equipment you are seeking at.

  1. Perpendicular
    1. The bat is inserted ninety degrees to the rollers and can only roll one way.
  2. Parallel
    1. The bat is inserted from the sides alongside the airplane of the rollers and the total sweet location can be rolled at once.

Most parallel devices can roll both equally approaches, but a perpendicular equipment can only roll one. Also a perpendicular equipment will leave flat places in the bat and not roll the total sweet location.

We highly endorse a parallel equipment.

The devices function by compressing the carbon fibers and laminates in between rollers and then rolling the bat in between the rollers. Primarily the sweet location of the bats are the portion you are concentrating on throughout the roll.

Materials Listing

  1. The Shell
    1. Normally made of steel or aluminum
    2. Holds the guts of the equipment
    3. Welded or screwed together
  2. Upper Carriage
    1. Holds the higher rollers
    2. Moves up and down
    3. Tolerances are limited
  3. Bearings
    1. Rollers Bearings
    2. Thrust Bearings
    3. Bushings
  4. Shafts
  5. Handles
  6. Rollers
    1. Built of plastic, steel, wooden, other
    2. Tolerances are pretty limited
    3. The middle hole as a result of the roller need to be relatively specific
    4. Rollers are machined on a metallic lathe


The expense of constructing a equipment can significantly pretty… but you can figure the bare minimum will be $200 moreover, dependent on your bearings and roller elements. It will be much more for the state of the artwork plastics that are staying employed in the greater bat rolling devices.


Creating a equipment will choose some time as you will have to draw out the structure and then cut and equipment the pieces and obtain the bearings etcetera.

Base line is this is a job that can be taken on if you are a do it by yourself person who has good machines and time and some creating expertise. A machining track record or a mate who has one would assist right here.

A different feasible selection is to acquire a Bat Rolling Equipment directly from a trustworthy manufacturer. Here are a couple of factors to glance for when selecting that manufacturer.

  1. Track record
  2. What form of devices are the providing
  3. Do they have many designs to in good shape you particular person needs
    1. We endorse parallel devices as they give you the finest of both equally worlds and are not minimal to partial split in as the perpendicular devices are.
  4. What plastics are they using in their bat rolling devices

You want to keep away from a plastic called Acetal with a trade identify of Delrin. It is actually difficult and has zero forgiveness.

Source by Protechwood

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