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May 10, 2015

Protechwood – How To Build A Sandbox

Sandpits (also acknowledged as sandboxes) are an essential element of many playgrounds, and can give several hours of imaginative and constructive perform activity. A effectively made and built sandpit will give years of pleasure and repay your expense many periods over. Yet all far too typically, sandpits in commercial playgrounds are improperly made with adverse effects on their customers.

This article gives a guidebook to assisting you maximise the likely of your sandpit. Whilst this guidebook is aimed at assisting commercial playground operators, there are lots of hints that will establish helpful when constructing a sandpit in the backyard at household.

Stage one. Locale

Take some time to analyze the format of your playground thoroughly. Ideally your new sand pit really should be positioned in a very perform room, ideally in a shaded space which will not interfere with open up perform room or other activities. If shade is not readily available, you may have to have to think about erecting a shade structure higher than the sandpit. If you are installing shade imagine thoroughly about the positioning of the assistance poles so they will not interfere with perform room or softfall regions. If you are working with a tree for your shade be guaranteed to decide on a site in which tree roots will not harm your sandpit.

Normally playgrounds have large regions of woodchips for protected perform regions. Yet placing a sandpit in the vicinity of a woodchip perform space will indicate your sandpit will soon be comprehensive of woodchips. If this is your only decision, then try to imagine strategically of approaches to combat the unfold of woodchips this sort of as by producing a barrier manufactured from normal grass or synthetic surfacing, or inventive use of timber decking.

Bear in mind that regardless of your finest efforts, sand will escape from the confines of the sandpit, so you really should aim to reduce the outcome of sand spillage as a great deal as achievable. For example spillage of dry sand onto a concrete pathway, can trigger the surface to grow to be incredibly slippery and a perhaps hazardous OHS problem. Applying a wetpour rubbersurface may be required to protect against this outcome. You really should also make sure there is sufficient room concerning your sandpit and the entrance of any nearby structures to protect against sand from moving into within.

In evaluating site, seem for approaches to integrate your sandpit into an current playground aspect or into the normal landscaping of your playground. It may match snugly from an current retaining wall, or be integrated about a rock aspect, so imagine creatively. Bear in mind that even though a sandpit may be out of the way, it really should continue to be evidently seen to allow straightforward supervision of perform.

One particular typically forgotten element in thinking about site is obtain. Bear in mind that your sandpit will have to have to be stuffed up periodically, and wheel barrowing 8 tonne of sand is really hard do the job. If direct vehicular obtain is not achievable, seem for alternate approaches to make obtain this sort of as getting rid of fence panels, or look for authorization to achieve obtain from neighbouring homes. In order to preserve your sand hygienic, it will have to have to be topped up periodically, or changed with fresh new clean up quickly in the advent of contamination by animals. Thoughtfulness at the style phase can save lots of really hard do the job later on.

Warning. If you have an current synthetic perform surface this sort of as rubber or synthetic grass about your sandpit web-site, do not use an excavator or little bobcat to carry sand throughout it. Even with what the excavator driver may say, the device is incredibly probably to harm the surfaceing, and repair do the job is challenging and costly. If this is the case in your playground, then you will have to vacation resort to the attempted and examined system of the wheelbarrow and shovel.

Stage two. Design and style


The surface space size of your sandpit will be dependent on the selection of customers, readily available room and finances, as effectively as the vary of choice perform activities. Ideally it really should be a minimum amount of at the very least five hundred mm deep.


When you have preferred your site and size imagine about what condition style will do the job finest in your site. Sandpits can be nearly any condition such as circular, kidney, oval or square.
Your style really should think about ease of obtain for customers. Preferablly the sandpit partitions will be sunk solely into the floor, or be created with low entry places to give straightforward obtain. Ideally, sandpits really should have a flat lip about their perimeter. This may be made use of for seats as effectively as providing a flat surface for actively playing with toys and a shelf for creating on. The lip really should be evidently described and easily noticed so that it will not grow to be a likely excursion hazard. It also serves to provides an straightforward sweep space, for sweeping overflowing sand back.


Sandpits are commonly built from timber, concrete, pavers or brick blocks depending on what product is finest suited the web-site. If you use timber, be very careful not to use timber which has been addressed with CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenic). Question your provider for choice addressed timber this sort of as ACQ or use hardwoods.

Covering the structural ingredient of the sandpit with damp pour rubber is the suitable remedy to providing protected edging, even though synthetic grass may also be made use of. When building your sandpit make sure that edges are rounded or at the very least bevelled, to reduce the likely for impact accidents.


Drainage is one more essential variable to protect against your sandpit from starting to be a swimming pool in periods of large rain. Additionally a effectively drained sandpit will indicate that the sand is washed and freshened by the rain, ensuing in extra hygienic sandpit. 150mm of free rocks or aggregate really should be made use of at the bottom of the sandpit to protect against drinking water establish up and can be made use of to drain away the drinking water. You will also have to have a barrier concerning the sand and the drainage rock product to protect against young children digging down to the rocks. The barrier really should be manufactured of a porous product this sort of as geotech material, rubber or perforated synthetic grass.

Stage 3.The Construction Process

When you have your style, you can either establish the sandpit your self, or outsource the do the job to a specialist tradesperson. Landscapers, builders, concreters, carpenters or playground specialists are the finest area to start off your enquiries depending on the scope of performs. Question about at other commercial playgrounds and get tips from operator who can advise a tradesperson from a equivalent project. Ideally your preferred firm really should have a monitor document in equivalent jobs.

When you are acquiring quotes, give a program or sketch of your style as effectively as a written listing of your requirements. This will make sure that most people is quoting on the same specs. Organize to meet the tradesman onsite and try to remember to request for their comments and tips as effectively. Normally a specialist tradesman may be ready to offer fantastic tips or sensible perspectives which you may not have have thought of.

Stage 4. The Sandpit Cover

When your sandpit is finished, it is essential that your sandpit is securely coated when not in use, to protect against leaves, filth and animal contamination which can unfold disorder. A shade and sail maker can give you with a sturdy, commercial quality cover, which will allow drinking water by way of, still continue to preserve animals out.

You can have your cover professionally fitted and mounted, or you can save dollars by installing it your self, and owning the sail maker customise it from your measurements. If your sandpit is an irregular condition, a incredibly helpful tip is to choose a large piece of black plastic (readily available at your area components shop) and extend it over the sandpit working with weights to keep it in area. You can now use scissors or a marking pen to trace the essential condition, thereby making an exact template of your cover. Fold this up and choose it to your area shade and sail maker. This is typically extra accurate and simpler, than hoping to measure an irregular formed sandpit with strange angles.

An fantastic concept is to have the sail maker sew a duration of chain in the hem of the cover. This will weigh the cover down and keep it securely in area when the sandpit is not in use. An choice system is to have the sail maker sew eyelets at strategic details and to use clips and elastic rope to protected it to the sandpit sides.

Stage 5. Hunting Soon after your Sandpit

A effectively made sandpit will have to have considerably much less routine maintenance than 1 which has been improperly made nevertheless some standard maintenance is continue to essential. Raking your sandpit frequently will enable to airate the sand as effectively as take away leaves and other particles. Airing the sand is essential as fresh new air serves as a disinfectant. Disinfecting your sandpit by hand will be essential when they are obviously filthy. An straightforward system is to use a delicate detergent diluted in drinking water in a watering can, even though the finest wat to ensure your sand is clean up and hygienic is to take away the leading layer of sand (or all of it if it is truly filthy) and leading it up with fresh new clean up sand.

Pursuing these ways will make sure that your new sandpit will be an asset to your playground and an expense in the life of the young children you treatment for.

Pics of some sandpits created by the author may be discovered at softfall playgrounds & smooth tumble synthetic grass athletics surfaces

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