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May 21, 2015

Protechwood – How to Fix a Broken Picnic Table

We have your standard picnic table with metal tube frame screwed to hard plastic seats and table top. Needless to say after twelve years it has seen better days. The plastic seats have broken on the ends and are now sharp and jagged along with the table top ends. It has also faded with age from the sun and is just hideous. However, the metal tube frame is still in good shape so why throw it away and spend money on a new one when this is fixable.

To accomplish this you will need 3 2x6x12′ treated wood and replacements wood screws the same size as you have holes already existing in the tube frame along with maybe a couple cans of rust inhibiting spray paint color of your choice. All three of the boards will be cut in half using our Bosch Compound Sliding Saw and our Bosch Compound Sliding Saw Stand. This will now give us 6 2x6x6′ pieces. Now is the time to stain or distress your wood before installing on the frame. Also while the wood is not installed yet you can take a scratch pad and clean your tube frame and spray paint it allowing plenty of time to dry.

Drill holes in your pieces lining up with the holes in the existing frame this makes screwing the bolts in easier. Then using your power drill screw the bolts through the wood and into the hole in the frame sinking the head into the wood just below flush.

This can then be filled with wood putty so that the screws are not seen. This application is the same for the table top as well and when you are finished you have a new look to an old table.

I have also used this theory to create a new kitchen table using 4×4 posts as the legs in the four corners and since you do not have the preexisting frame to work with, you will be using 2×4’s cut and screwed together to make a square sub frame that will go under the table top to secure the top boards. The chairs can also be done this same way in a bench style. I prefer to distress my wood with hammer marks, nail marks, hitting it with a chain, all of these add a look of age and wear that gives the table character.

Your table will also require some sanding before stain or paint can be applied to make sure you have a smooth surface to entertain and a top coat of polyurethane keeps the wood protected from spills and stains. However, bear in mind that you should always put hot pads down on the table top when placing hot pans or otherwise on the table’s surface for it may melt and mare your polyurethane or leave marks where the pan was. Once a heat stain is on your table it will be forever marked and that is frustrating prevent this by using a heat barrier on your table so that you don’t have to redo something that could have been prevented.

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