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May 8, 2015

Protechwood – How to Make a Driftwood Finish With Paint

I made use of this strategy for producing a driftwood finish with paint and it worked quite perfectly for me in receiving that driftwood search on an outdated but favorite dresser. It took only about two hours to create the influence I was going for but there is a great deal of area for experimentation and coloration versions – maybe matching the colours you use a thing else in the area that inspires you.

I began with just two various driftwood-like colours of flat, water-dependent latex paint, furthermore a little total of essential black and white artist’s acrylic. The black and white ended up just from little tubes of acrylic paint I had on hand for portray on canvas. You will only will need a little total of the white and black so just purchase little tubes if you will not presently have some water dependent latex or acrylics on hand.

Decide the two colours you want from any assorted flat, water-dependent acrylic grays, beiges, sand or darkish lotions at the paint retail outlet that you sense will give you the colours and shades to mimic a driftwood finish. I chose a quart each and every of 6236 Grays Harbor and 7642 Pavestone latex flat paint & primer each from Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint selection. So now you have Shade A (Grays Harbor) and Shade B (Pavestone).

But you want to have far more colours to function with and in purchase to realized additional tints and shades I merely extra a tiny of the white or black to Shade A and Shade B. Pour a little total of Shade A into a plastic cup or container and combine in a little total of white paint to achieve a lighter tint – we now have Shade C. Do this once again using Shade B as your base and you will create Shade D.

Now pour some of Shade A and Shade B in nevertheless two far more separate containers and add a little total of black to each and every to get a darker shade of Shade A and Shade B. You now have Shade E and Shade F and a overall of six various driftwood colours for producing a driftwood finish. Truthfully, I think I only made use of 4 of the colours on my undertaking but you now have loads of various shades and tints to function with and you can create as several as you want using this approach of introducing different amounts of white or black to your base driftwood colours.

This dresser was originally black with a lovely antique gold stencil pattern but, while it was the moment just one of my favorite items, it no more time suited my new driftwood coloration plan and beachy design. I went from British West Indies with its darkish woods, burnt orange painted walls and vivid tropical colours to subdued sand-toned walls and creamy beach theme with driftwood furnishings and equipment. In the interim, in advance of I made the decision on trying a driftwood finish using paint, I had supplied the dresser a distressed white finish. It was nice but I realized I could do far better. I wished that highly sought right after driftwood finish and I also seriously favored a great deal of the mirrored furnishings I was seeing. Why not incorporate a driftwood finish with mirrored drawer fronts?

Just after mixing my paint colours, the treatment went as follows:

one. Initial, I made use of the Grays Harbor (Shade A) and painted the total piece. Because I had never put any variety of finishing product on the piece right after I had painted it white, all I required to do was scruff it up a bit with sandpaper to get some fantastic paint adhesion and paint around the white with the gray.

2. Up coming, I took the darkest gray shade (Shade E) and created it a glaze by introducing equivalent component water. I made use of a soft fabric and went around the places of the legs in which you can see the carving so that the darker shade got into the grooves. Don’t permit the paint sit – you have to go rapidly and wipe off most of the paint that has not settled into the grooves.

three. I then created a glaze from the Pavestone base coloration (Shade B). Yet again, ½ water and ½ paint to make the glaze. I utilized this layer in little places of the piece with a brush and worked rapidly to blend and soften the paint using a soft fabric – having off quite a bit of the glaze as I went along. I slowly but surely did this to the total piece.

4. The subsequent layer was the lightened shade of the Pavestone base (Shade D). Yet again, I created a glaze of ½ paint and ½ water. I utilized this layer using a pretty dry brush strategy and pretty extensive brush strokes with a pretty light hand. I didn’t implement a great deal – just a tiny right here and there until finally I was satisfied with it.

five. For the remaining touch, I diluted black paint and a tiny water and, with a toothbrush and my fingers, I flecked the surfaces of the dresser with just tiny black specks right here and there.

six. When I was carried out, I made use of Driftwood All-natural Beeswax Wooden Polish to give it a nice soft protecting finish.

Just after numerous makes an attempt at discovering just the suitable knobs, I ultimately chose mercury glass knobs from Anthropologie.

I could not be happier with how the finish arrived out and how the remaining piece seems to be. But I will note two points. Initial, as nice as this painted driftwood finish seems to be – I could have made use of the Driftwood Weathered Wooden Finish and got just as nice if not nicer driftwood finish in a great deal fewer time and without having all the paint and cleanup and next, obtaining the mirror put on the dresser fronts could not have been the ideal notion. While it seems to be fantastic (I had them carried out by a local glass and mirror shop), the mirror is pretty weighty and inclined to crack if you put the handles on also restricted or if you go the piece a great deal like I have. But I get several compliments on this piece and I am pretty satisfied with the result.

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