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May 25, 2015

Protechwood – How to Paint Foam Crown Molding: Do it yourself Strategies, Strategies, and Tricks!

Just one of the smartest strategies to insert tasteful decor and depth to a space, crown molding is a subtle alternate to lots of of the over-the-major adornments some persons fill their residences with. For many years, molding has been virtually exclusively built from wood, which success in a method that demands hyper-in-depth calculations, costly tools, and woodworking talent. Foam on the other hand, signifies a newer, less difficult, and far more price-efficient alternate that can give you the very same visual appearance as wood with out all the function.

Lightweight and flexible, foam crown molding needs small far more than adhesive to put in, and is conveniently reduce by hand with a sharp carving knife. Foam’s “squishiness” indicates you can be generous with your cuts, as the foam will compress when fit into a tight area, creating best joints and seams even though hiding imperfections. Getting a spongy substance like foam to glance like a far more sound product is what would make persons from time to time question its capacity to truly replace wood as a molding substance. In reality, the method of painting foam molding provides an installer the capacity to make the foam glance like any other medium. In this post, I’ll give you a operate-by means of on how simple it is to paint polyurethane foam molding and wind up with a attractive new area.

There are two techniques for painting foam molding, and it is up to you to choose which is most effective: spray painting or brush painting. Spray painting demands much less function, less supplies, and is more rapidly, but isn’t going to give you optimum detailing capability. Brush painting permits you to replicate the structure or glance of any other molding medium, but is a little bit far more labor-intensive than spray-painting.

Spray Painting Foam Crown Molding

Soon after measuring and reducing your foam molding sections, prepare a workspace in a nicely-ventilated space the place accidental overspray is not going to be an problem. Placing down a huge drop cloth or tarp in the garage, basement, or even on the floor outdoors on a serene day will work nicely.

When your space is ready and your molding is spaced out on the tarp, utilize slender, even coats, getting care not to oversaturate the foam. As an absorbent sponge rubber, the molding will choose for a longer time to dry if you do. Soon after painting all the items to your specifications and allowing for suitable time to dry, your crown molding will be ready to mount.

As previously stated, spray painting has an edge over brush painting in phrases of speed and ease. Prepping the space, painting the foam, and allowing for it to dry are the only actions before mounting. The drawbacks to spray painting amount of money to small far more than own flavor. There will be restrictions to spray painting primarily based on the character of its software two-toned or intricate models is not going to be realistic. Also, foam will keep its spongy visual appearance with the spray process. The polyurethane foam most brands use has a mobile framework modest adequate that it will be indistinguishable from a sound at the length from which it will be observed, but it is nonetheless a thing to consider to choose into account.

Brush Painting Foam Crown Molding

For persons who have an intricate or customized paint work in intellect, or choose to have a sound, clean surface area on their molding, brush painting is the appropriate decision.

Unlike spray painting, brush painting demands the foam to be coated with thinned drywall joint compound as sealant before painting to build a clean surface area. Also distinct from spray painting, the molding will want to be mounted before sealing and painting. Mounting initial provides you the advantage of foam’s compressibility to build clean corners and seams before you harden the substance with sealant and paint.

Soon after the foam has been mounted, shield the space from paint and joint compound with drop cloths and painter’s tape. When you have completed with the prep function, prepare your drywall compound mix. You are going to want to slender it down until finally it is the regularity of paint.

When you happen to be completed mixing, brush a slender coat on to the whole surface area of the molding. The joint compound should dry quickly, so in an regular-sized space, you will be equipped to begin applying a 2nd coat as soon as you finish the initial go-all-around. Only two coats are important, but if you choose to insert far more, do so. When you have concluded applying the drywall compound, give the molding a whole 24 hrs to totally dry all the way by means of.

The following day, the molding will be ready for paint. Sanding the dried joint compound should not be important unless you location a flaw. If you want to sand the compound down, use the very best grit sandpaper probable, and employ a respirator or experience mask. When you happen to be contented with the coating surface area, move forward to paint the molding nevertheless you desire. When the paint dries, take out the drop cloths and tape and you will have a newly-reworked area that you upgraded with a fraction of the time, cash, and exertion necessary for classic crown molding.

Final Strategies

And lastly, there are a pair suggestions that utilize to either painting process. Initially, stay clear of oil-primarily based paints for the foam. There is small reason to use them in any case, given that latex paints are far more economical and you is not going to want weather conditions resistance inside of. Second, the foam alone may possibly be vibrant white when you initial order it. If you plan to have white crown molding, you will nonetheless want to paint the foam, even if it matches your space. This is because foam will naturally yellow as it ages. This is purely an aesthetic change and isn’t going to impact quality, but by painting it, you will make sure it will normally be the color you want.

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