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July 26, 2015

Protechwood – How to Plastic Fix a Mower Hood

Item currently being welded is a John Deere 445 mower hood

o Cost of new hood $405 with out tax.

o Cost of material to resolve hood a lot less than $fifteen with tax.

o I saved $390 making use of the plastic welder

o I utilized the mini-weld design 6 plastic welder

1.Set up perform location. No combustibles in the vicinity of plastic welder. Well ventilated location. Use warning when making use of the welder it is very hot and can burn off you. Plug in the welder and established the heat degree to preheat. Place the welder in the stand that will come with package.

two.Take hood off mower.

3.Clean plastic components with soap and water.

four.Place the plastic components alongside one another making use of tape to maintain in location until welded.

five.Check out the element for a symbol (to come across out what type of plastic I was operating with). Set the heat degree on welder matching the plastic I was welding.

6.Doing the job on the back aspect initially. I started off out earning a v-groove where by the break was. Tip: I utilized the aspect of the flat welding tip.

seven.Now I put the welding rod in the v-groove and use the welder (heat) to the location. Soften the foundation material and the rod alongside one another. Never perform on any extra than two inches at a time. Tip: Let your heat do the perform for you.

eight.When you are accomplished with the back aspect. Now commence on the entrance aspect performing the same ways as previously mentioned.

9.When finished welding. On the entrance you need to have a slight mound where by the break was at.

ten.Now sand the weld down making use of tough sand paper. Then when almost flat go to a great sand paper and sleek it out. Clean the hood.

eleven.Paint the hood. It may acquire extra than 1 coat. Check out paint for facts on drying times.

Sorry I forgot to grab my digicam and acquire photographs for you.


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