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May 8, 2015

Protechwood – How to Remove Exterior Vinyl Shutters That Are Put in With Shutter Loks

Upkeep on your house in inevitable, and maintenance can sometimes be a obstacle. You generally have to have to paint the exterior, paint the inside, correct the occasional damaged faucet, substitute the flowers that died on you, and reseed and fertilize the lawn just to identify a couple of.

A widespread dilemma individuals have is about decorative vinyl exterior shutters: “How do I remove exterior vinyl shutters that are installed with Shutter-Loks with out breaking the exterior vinyl shutter?”.

Shutter-Loks (sometimes spelled “shutter locks” and generally referred to as effortless-loks, shutter plugs, or plastic nails) are developed for a long term shutter installation. Nonetheless, it is continue to doable to remove decorative exterior vinyl shutters when carrying out regime servicing (such as exterior portray or putting in new siding) on your house. The bottom line is, you can remove the window shutters, but putting in them yet again will have to have you to purchase new Shutter-Loks. Maintain this in brain just before you consider them down, due to the fact Shutter-Loks normally can not be identified in neighborhood stores. Shuter-Loks can be acquired on the net even though (see the connection at the bottom of this post).

Do not try to pull the Shutter-Lok out of the wall, as you will most very likely hurt the surface area of your exterior vinyl shutters. To remove the exterior decorative shutters, you will have to have the next:

  1. A modest chisel with a sharpened edge
  2. A hammer
  3. Silicone
  4. A diagonal cutter
  5. An electric drill with a one/4″ drill little bit

Switch the chisel so the sharp edge is experiencing absent from the surface area of the dwelling and slide it powering the shutter until eventually it rests in opposition to the Shutter-Lok. Use a hammer to give the cope with of the chisel a sharp tap and the chisel will cut by the Shutter-Lok.

Soon after you have cut by all of the Shutter-Loks, consider the shuttter down and set it very carefully on the ground. Use a diagonal cutter to shear the remaining piece of the Shutter-Lok so it is flush with the surface area. Next, drill out the Shutter-Lok employing a one/4″ drill little bit. Do not leave the Shutter-Lok within of the wall due to the fact humidity can leak in and it will get started to rot.

Now, if you program to leave the window shutters off of your house, you ought to fill the hole in with caulking compound and easy it off so it is stage with the surface area and you can then repaint to make the hole invisible.

If you program to reinstall the vinyl exterior shutters following you paint your house, fill the hole partly with silicone to weatherproof it quickly. Soon after portray the exterior of the dwelling, you can redrill the hole with a one/4″ drill little bit to remove the silicone.

To reinstall, relaxation the exterior window shutter in opposition to the surface area and align it with the holes, then push the Shutter-Loks into the holes part way to hold the vinyl shutter in area. Then use a hammer to pretty carefully tap the Shutter-Lok until eventually it is flush with the surface area of the exterior window shutter. Do not preserve tapping, as this will make the shutter get started to dimple and you will have to have to purchase new Shutter-Loks and get started about due to the fact there is no way to pull them back out. You ought to leave the Shutter-Loks just a little bit unfastened to allow for growth and contraction.

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