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July 16, 2015

Protechwood – Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) – A Substitution For Regular Dimensional Lumber

If you like the appear of strong wood beams, then you should really contemplate working with laminated veneer lumber (LVL). This engineered wood solution delivers the heft and appear of wood beam construction, but with a lot less issues and additional body weight bearing capability than beams the exact measurement of regular dimensional lumber.

When you think of a laminated veneer lumber beam, think of a sheet of plywood, but with the proportions of a wood beam. The method of production these beams is very equivalent to setting up sheets of plywood. Wooden planks are ripped into thin sections, then glued collectively and pressed to form a strong bond amongst the sheets. Mainly because there are a minimum quantity of knots, or other imperfections commonly found in wood, in an LVL beam the total strength of the beam is far better and the risk of a structural defect is removed. Even if there is a knot in one strip, the structural integrity of the other strips diminish the weakness ensuing from the one knot. The layers of wood that make up an LVL beam, as in a sheet of plywood, supply bigger strength and a lesser chance to warp or twist. From a construction standpoint, a laminated veneer lumber beam is outstanding to standard dimensional lumber

Working with LVL beams is substantially additional eco pleasant than constructing with standard dimensional lumber. Lesser trees, grown with sustainable forestry techniques are used to manufacture a huge LVL beam, which would require a huge aged growth tree to be felled in order to mill a standard beam of the exact measurement. With a standard dimensional beam of a provided duration, you require a tree huge adequate to mill the entire beam out of the tree. In a LVL beam, the planks can milled from shorter and thinner items of lumber. The lamination method makes it possible for a beam of pretty much any dimension or duration to be produced. The glues used to manufacture Laminated Veneer Lumber are toxin cost-free and do not give off any VOC fumes.

Laminated Veneer Lumber can be used any where that demands a huge body weight bearing capability in excess of a significant span.

A single possible downside to the use of laminated veneer lumber is that the solution is created for dry, interior applications and not suited for outside utilization. But, with that in brain, there are even now a extensive wide range of applications where a LVL beam is the best choice for your construction requirements

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