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May 8, 2015

Protechwood – Making Tabletops (Part One particular)

Creating a desk can be less complicated than you imagine if you learn a couple simple procedures. The ideas made available right here problem creating and slicing tabletops.

Most tabletops consist of numerous boards fastened together in some way as to sort a flat surface area. Big planks can be joined possibly with dowels or with threaded rods in addition glue. Lengthy expanding clamps are desired for doweling. If you really don’t have these clamps, and like not to hire them, the planks can be drilled, glued, and tightened together with threaded rods.

Just before signing up for planks, cut them 1/two to 1 inch extended than completed length to let for closing squaring and trimming. Lay planks aspect by aspect with grain of all planks working in the same way. Check out the conclusion grain of every single plank and alternate way of once-a-year rings to lessen warping.

With planks organized, number them and mark “experience” on higher surface area of every single. Edges must healthy intently.

To sign up for planks with dowels, commence by clamping the initially two planks together experience to experience with edges flush. Mark or drill holes, letting six inches concerning dowels besides at the ends, the place dowels must be established about 3 inches from the trim strains.

Do not attempt drilling employing a hand held drill unless of course you have a doweling-jig (or at least a square) to guide straight holes – if the holes are not matched specifically, the planks will not healthy evenly.

Minimize every single dowel a fraction shorter than the combined depth of the two holes. Brush edges of planks with glue, letting some to operate into holes. Dip a person conclusion of dowel in glue and push in. Utilize glue to other 50 percent of the dowel and push opposing plank on to the doweled plank with light-weight hammer blows. Spot a strip or block of wood on the plank edge to stop marring.

Clamp all planks together, alternating clamps above and down below. Wipe absent surplus glue and let stand till dry. (Take note: When attaching supporting rails to a completed tabletop, don’t forget that is may shrink throughout the grain as considerably as 3/eight-inch. Use unique tabletop fasteners that let motion.

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