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September 23, 2015

Protechwood – Multipurpose Utility Motor vehicles

Multipurpose Utility Motor vehicles are off-highway autos that operate concerning twenty five to 50 miles for each hour and are utilised for multipurpose applications. Generally, diesel run autos created for cross-practical use this kind of as ground servicing, highway servicing and airport servicing. This versatile and sturdy auto is suitable for a broad vary of functions together with:

· Highway Upkeep

· Verge Upkeep

· Grounds Care

· Winter season Upkeep

· Airport servicing

· Patch preparing

· Pot gap repair

Carry out attachments

Multi Objective Utility Motor vehicles can be equipped with an just about limitless vary of attachments for versatile all calendar year round procedure and cross departmental procedure. Multipurpose utility autos are an exceptionally versatile employ carriers. These employ attachments for the Utility auto incorporate

· Patch Planer

· Flail Deck Mower

· Verge Mower

· Hedge Cutter

· Surface area and Kline Elimination Planer

· Bucket

· Rotary Mower

· Gritter

· Snow Plough

· Plallet Forks and Mast

· Rear Mounted Signage

· Sweeper

· Wooden Chipper

· Stump Grinder

· Barrier Mower

· Cylinder Mower

· Chemical Sprayer

Sector Makes use of

Multipurpose Utility Motor vehicles are made use of by several organisations and for lots of functions


The farming sector, for case in point, utilise Multi-purpose Utility Motor vehicles with chemical sprayer attachments for crop sprays. Chemical sprayers permit the use of unique chemical mixes and dilution costs necessary for each distinct task

Golfing Clubs

Golfing Clubs utilise the mower attachments for wonderful finish golf courses. The mower attachment is fantastic for expanding productiveness in grass reducing functions covering substantial locations in a brief room of time.

Nearby Councils

Nearby councils in the Uk, require impressive methods which assist the combat from snow and ice on roadways and motorways. Uk Councils also utilise a amount of other employ attachment for the utility auto together with the patch planner for roadworks, the verge mower for roadside vegetation and a sweeper attachment to sweep locations of squander with confined entry.


Airports all through the Uk, deploy employ autos with significant potential de-icing sprayers, Snow Ploughs and Gritters to clear the runway in poor temperature situations. For all kinds of snow clearance, this auto is the excellent alternative for any airports winter season resilience programme. When temperature will get hotter, grass reducing attachments permit for the utility autos versatility.


Groundcare and forestry providers operate the multipurpose employ autos with stump grinder and wooden chipper attachments. Mower attachments cover substantial locations of room merged with distinctive reducing lengths. There is also a practical bucket attachment readily available to lift, quality and idea a wide range of debris together with wooden chippings and grass.

Distribution Centres

The pallet forks and mast attachment is an helpful tool for normal lawn responsibilities and for loading / unloading in distribution centres. Yet another practical attachment for distribution is a towing employ offering the option of carrying applications and supplies from a person component of the procedure to the next.

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