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August 23, 2015

Protechwood – Person Built Diamond vs. Natural Diamond

The quest for perfect diamond brilliance has supplied start to what specialists call the [fifty seven] facet “Super Best Lower” in Person Built Diamond and Natural mined Diamond. This spherical diamond has a three dimension optical perfect lower in the best crown and reduced pavilion principal angles. The white mild brilliance in the crown and the sparkle colour spectrum in the pavilion is mirrored as a result of the entire diamond up into the facial area of the observer. This is rated the best lower and can now be calculated and certified with scientific optical mild colour machines.

Now scientist and Israel master cutters are sharing diamond reducing documents of specific sets of angles and facet configurations that go back again a number of generations. They are making an attempt to build the major faceted man produced diamonds and mined diamonds in the earth that will create two times the brilliance and fire of the “Super Best Lower.”

These patented scientifically calculated and masterfully hand lower stones have names. The “Gabrielle Lower” is spherical with [one hundred and five] facets! It is capable of developing two times the best crown brilliance and base pavilion fire of the “Super Best Lower.” It’s optical three dimension perfection is calculated and scientifically certified and not obtainable as a man produced diamond but.

Then we have the normal “Prince Lower” diamond with [111] facets that reflects mild like a spherical shape in the best and like a princess shape in the base..Ensuing in the comprehensive brilliance of a spherical and the fire scintillation of a square. The Person Built Diamond princess lower has [seventy six] facets. Also there is the “Diallennium Lower” with [one hundred] facets spherical shape that has extra exterior and interior reflections of mild and can distinguish extra colours of the spectrum. Last of all, we have the “Ariella Lower” with [114] facets spherical shape with tremendous extreme brilliance never ever noticed in yet another diamond lower.

Maintain in thoughts that the man produced diamond and normal diamond has the “Super Best Lower” spherical [fifty seven] facet, “Royal Asscher Lower” square [seventy four] facet and the “Royal Princess Lower” square[seventy six] facet are nonetheless the most well known shapes in the United States. And not too long ago “Person Built Diamonds” are also getting hand lower by Israel masters in the other well known shapes, emerald, oval, cushion and radiant shapes and are getting perfectly received by individuals as equivalent to normal mined diamonds in brilliance and fire.

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