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May 8, 2015

Protechwood – Skylights – A Handmade Shallow Box-Like Acrylic Condensation Go over for Dome Installations

Acrylic or polycarbonate dome skylights arrive is several dimensions these days. The traditional kinds, however, are sq. to rectangular in form, and operate about five” in top. Their width and length can be any place from 12″ to 36″, and are one/eight” thick.

These domes can be mounted onto picket curbs (2×2″ to 2×6″), all around which the roof shingles are caulked or thin-metal flashed to protect against any rain leakage all around them. These domes can also be area mounted instantly onto the tar paper and picket sheeting instantly beneath the shingles.

In the latter situation, the dome’s bordering shingles on their own are instantly laid about its flat exterior flanges very similar to the way the shingles are frequently laid about the flat metal of roof vents, furnace stacks, sewer vents and so forth. This installation minimizes the dome’s top.

Issue. Possibly way, or no issue how the domes are mounted, they can and will produce undesirable condensation and very similar leaks even if they have an internal plastic defend within just them. These domes are also vulnerable to staying cracked from large hail, fallen tree branches, earthquakes, or careless roofers. When these situations materialize, the skylights will leak rain water as very well in addition to forming dampness.

Resolution. Make and put in a shallow-box-like five-one/2″-high challenging transparent deal with about the dome on the roof. This deal with will act like a storm window does by having the brunt of temperature transform and the formation of most condensation. For this posting, a 20″ sq. dome (which consists of a one” flange on just about every facet of the 18″-sq. dome by itself), five” high, and area mounted instantly to the roof sheeting will be employed as the case in point to be included with the box-like storm deal with. Related covers can be constructed proportionally for other dome dimensions.

Components and applications (total cost for components: $fifty-ninety, relying on the availability of the acrylic sheet).

  • A person 2x6x96″ force-treated board ($five)
  • A person 22×22″ sheet of weighty .22″ thick acrylic plexiglass ($twenty five-sixty, relying on the minimize dimensions available at the outlet). If the piece should be minimize from a greater sheet, go away the protective films unpeeled on both of those sides of the sheet until the sawing is performed. Use a sharp fine-tooth saw blade. Otherwise, let the outlet minimize it to size for you.
  • Twelve #12×3″ Philips screws
  • 20 to 30 – #8×1″ Philips drywall screws (large head)
  • A person little tube crystal clear silicone caulk ($4)
  • Two tubes silicone window/door caulk very similar in coloration to the roof shingles ($eight)
  • 4 perpendicularly flat 2-one/2″ L-formed brackets ($five)
  • Eight #10×1″ wood screws (for attaching the L-brackets to the deal with body)
  • Eight #10×1-one/2 to 2″ wood screws (for attaching the frame’s L-brackets to the roof through the shingles)
  • A person quart oil-foundation water-proof paint very similar in coloration to the roof shingles ($4)
  • Tools: electric powered round saw, electric powered drill, bits, Philips screwdriver, caulking gun, putty knife, rat-tail file, paintbrush

Go over building.

one. Reduce the 2×6″ board into 4 sq.-cornered pieces: 2 22″-lengthy kinds and 2 19″-lengthy kinds.

2. Assemble the 22″ sq. box-like body by sealing/securing the 4 corners with the silicone window/door water-proofing caulk and three” screws.

three. On what will be the lower-close of the base facet, use the file to make at least a few fifty percent-moon groves for dampness drainage.

4. Paint both of those the inside of and exterior of the picket body. Allow dry.

five. Location the acrylic plexiglass flush about the body.

six. Mark on the plexiglass the place the screw holes will go, about five” aside all around the top of the body.

seven. At just about every mark, drill a gap through the plexiglass (only) broader than the drywall screw.

eight. Then, by utilizing a slender bit, drill holes one/2″ deep into the wood body dead-middle through the plexiglass holes.

nine. Take out the plexiglass from the body, noting how it fits onto the body.

10. Brush away any plastic or wood shavings from the body and plexiglass.

11. With the silicone caulk, add a slender bead lengthwise on just about every facet of the frame’s drill holes all all around it.

12. Thoroughly exchange the plexiglass atop the body, aligning it to the unique drill holes appropriately.

thirteen. Put in the screws to medium tightness, so not to crack the plexiglass. The caulk will flatten and unfold among the plexiglass and the body, sealing it.

fourteen. Incorporate at least one flat L-formed bracket to just about every facet of the body flush to its base facet with the one” wood screws.

15. Paint the brackets.

Go over installation (the straightforward way).

one. Although utilizing safety safeguards, carry the concluded deal with up to the roof, assuming the roof is a very low-pitch and safe and sound to stroll on.

2. Center it about the dome skylight, sq. to sq..

three. Attach the dome to the roof through the shingles with the one-one/2 to 2″ wood screws, relying on the thickness of the shingles.

4. Seal the base facet of the higher close and both of those sides of the deal with with the silicone window/door caulk. Seal the brackets and screws the similar way. Leave the base facet of the lower close unsealed for drainage. It is a storm window.

five. If important, touch-up the body and brackets with paint.

By setting up the deal with atop the shingles, the wood sheeting beneath the shingles is also safeguarded from any dampness destruction. This placement also elevates the deal with about the dome for adequate air place.

This deal with will presume the formation of nearly all the condensation that would usually arise within just the dome, none of which will make it through the dome into the household nor beneath the shingles. It will also shield the dome from hail, fallen tree branches, and other damages. To learn a lot more about skylight varieties and their servicing, see these internet sites.

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