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May 21, 2015

Protechwood – Sliding Closet Doors – A Few Tips To Helping You Choose The Right Sliding Closet Door

Having a sliding closet door included in a home’s design or replacing an existing one can present a number of choices. There are several different kinds of materials that can go into the creation of a sliding door. Beyond the materials, though, there are a few other things to consider.

Before running out to buy a new door consider:

* The correct size.

Not all sliding closet door designs are of the same size. Knowing how big they need to be in height and width is very important. If replacing an existing one, a simple measurement will do. Should the door be for new construction, check with the contractor to ensure the right size is chosen. A door that is too big will not fit in the pocket created or likely will not.

* The runner/track type.

Some door setups involve runners on both the top and bottom, others do not. Make sure the right kind of system is purchased with the door or that the door is compatible with what is in place.

* Installation difficulty.

If a sliding closet door is being installed as a do-it-yourself job, consider the project carefully before diving in.

Not all sliding door designs are alike. There are a few options as far as appearance goes. They include:

* Wood.

Solid wood and pressed wood are perhaps the most common for a sliding door. These can be great overall choices as far as durability and appearance are concerned.

* Mirror.

Glass mirrored fronts on closet door designs are not at all uncommon. Just make sure the doors chosen are solid and durable. Flimsy materials likely will not withstand lots of opening and closing.

* Plastic.

Fabricated sliding closet door designs also exist. These tend to be a little more lightweight than many other options. They are also a lot easier to clean. Damage can be harder to cover than it is with wood, however.

* Fabric.

A fabric design can be a very unique idea for a closet door. These creations generally are made after the fact or are specially ordered. It is even possible to create these at home by covering wood, plastic or mirrored doors with a thick fabric or a designed tapestry.

Choosing the right sliding closet door for the configuration can be a little tricky. Just make sure the right materials are selected and that size constraints are considered carefully. A door needs to fit the opening and the pocket created or it simply will not work as intended.

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