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May 20, 2015

Protechwood – Steps to Install a DIY Retractable Screen Door

Retractable screens are a great addition to your doors and windows. The provide you with complete insect protection and allow for unobstructed fresh air circulations. These screens are also called, “disappearing screens” because they have a protective cassette or housing in which your screen will retract back into when not in use.

These screens are easy to install and require just a bit of time, a few tools and before you know it, you are enjoying all their benefits. You can purchase your screen as ready to install or as a kit. The kits require a few extra steps, but can save you a bit more money.

So, let’s get started.

Tools Needed:

Phillips screwdriver, measuring tape, hacksaw and power drill with bits

Steps to Installing A Horizontal Pull Retractable Screen Door:

Your screen’s cassette will be mounted inside the door frame and can be placed on the right or the left side of the door jamb depending on which side your door is mounted.

1. Adjust Screen Cassette to Fit

If you have a kit, you may need to cut the cassette and its screen to perfectly fit your door. Measure the height of the inside of your door jamb from top to bottom. Take the doorway height measurement and subtract 11/16″, this is your screen cassette size.

Now remove the plastic end cap and smoothly cut the cassette and enclosed screen to the correct length with the hacksaw. Tap metal shavings away. Re-attach the plastic end cap.

2. Trim the Top and Bottom to Size

The top and bottom guide rails are tracks which your screen will slide smoothly along to allow easy opening or closing.

Now measure the width of the door jamb. Take this measurement and subtract 1 3/4″. This is the width of your top and bottom rail. Smoothly cut the rails with the hacksaw and tap and metal filings away.

3. Trim the Side Rail to Size

The size rail is the rail that the screen will magnetically fasten to when the screen it is fully closed.

4. Fasten Cassette Mounting Clips and Cassette

Position the mounting clips at the top and bottom of the door jamb. Take the two mounting clips that will hold your cassette and the two Phillips screws and fasten the clips. Now attach the cassette onto the mounting clips by inserting the backside first and then rotating it forward.

5. Attaching Top, Bottom and Side Rails

There is a tab on the screen cassette, slide the bottom rail fully onto that tab. Next, take the top rail and slide it into the tab on the top of the screen cassette.

Now, take the side rail and slide it into the top and bottom rails. The cassette, top, bottom and side rails should look like a frame sitting flush in the door jamb.

6. Fasten Rails

Side Rail: to secure the side rail, drill four 1/8″ holes evenly spaced in the groove of the rail. Fasten the rail with 4 Phillips screws.

Top and Bottom rails: drill three 1/8″ holes evenly spaced within both the bottom and top rails.

7. Test Your Screen

Now pull your screen using the handle open and close. It should glide smoothly along the top and bottom rails and securely fasten to the side rail with it magnetic closure.

Now you are ready to enjoy your new retractable screen door for years to come!

Source by Protechwood

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