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May 10, 2015

Protechwood – Stop Logs

Stop logs are extensive rectangular boards or beams that are positioned on major of one particular one more and then dropped into pre-built slots inside of a weir, gate or channel. It is a hydraulic engineering control element and is made use of in a floodgate to control and modify the level of water or the level of movement in a canal, river, or reservoir. They could be created from many elements which includes metal and composites.

They are extremely usually made use of to quickly end or block the movement of water by way of a canal or spillway to enable regimen maintenance. Occasionally they could be made use of for longer periods, for occasion, when an location of land these types of as a industry is flooded and end logs are being made use of in more compact gates to control the depth of water in the industry. They can be still left in and adjusted all through the time that the industry is flooded.

By including or getting rid of personal stoplogs, the operator of a gated construction has the skill to control the water level in a provided channel. Gates could incorporate additional than one particular log and can make use of one particular or additional logs. The logs are decreased horizontally into a area in between two grooved piers. Substantially bigger gate buildings make use of many bays in which end logs can be positioned to control the movement level of the water by way of the construction.

Thanks to the end logs or boards being subjected to higher prices of water movement, they will ultimately show indications of don and will start off to leak. As personal ones age they are replaced with new ones.

Lesser stoplogs that are made for use by a single personal are from time to time called hand stops. They are made use of to control water movement in these types of places these types of as ditches and rice fields.

They present an inexpensive means for isolation obligations and weir apps exactly where a single piece end gate would demonstrate as well large to lift, or exactly where many door sections are needed.

Stop logs could be built from a variety of elements. Stainless metal end logs with a sealing system of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Di Methyl) are appropriate for use in most water which includes sewage and effluent procedure plants.

The basic regular sizing range is something from 1000mm sq. up to 2000mm sq., nonetheless bigger or more compact dimensions are out there, and assemblies are normally crafted to the prospects necessities.

A common log will be created utilizing a composite sandwich development comprising of a lightweight rigid cellular core, with a totally welded metal box segment in between two other skins of rigid compressed composite plastic, which is asbestos no cost, rigid, non poisonous and extremely violet stabilised.

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