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March 29, 2015

Protechwood – Styles of Window Frame Material

When picking a window body for your home, you should consider the distinctive forms of body materials that are offered as well as each material’s unique properties. Each individual materials has its personal many benefits and negatives, as well as distinctive maintenance prerequisites.

Listed here is an overview of some of the most popular window body materials and their properties.


  • Wooden has historically been the most frequent materials utilised for window frames.
  • Wood frames can be very easily painted to any wanted colour.
  • These frames give superior insulation as wooden is a very poor conductor of warmth and chilly.
  • Wooden is prone to rotting and infestation by termites and other bugs, and needs regular maintenance.
  • Wooden expands and contracts in response to adjustments in the weather this can build gaps in the body, producing your windows considerably less energy-economical.


  • These are made by combining composite wooden merchandise and can often consist of a mix of fiberglass and plastic resins.
  • Composite frames have improved thermal properties than their wood counterparts.
  • Composite frames are decay resistant and uncomplicated to maintain.


  • These window frames are powerful, gentle-body weight, rust-evidence, and involve quite small maintenance.
  • Aluminum frames are cheaper than wooden and composite frames and will not warp.
  • Aluminum conducts warmth and chilly very easily, producing it a very poor insulator this could significantly decrease the energy efficiency of your home. On the other hand, aluminum frames can be made additional energy-economical by incorporating an insulating plastic strip in between the body and sash.


  • This kind of window body is quite sturdy, as well as crack and scratch resistant.
  • Fiberglass frames have air cavities which can be crammed with insulating materials to strengthen their energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass does not rust, corrode, or warp.
  • These frames can be very easily painted and involve quite small maintenance.


  • Vinyl window frames are quite sturdy as well as cost-effective.
  • Vinyl is a superior insulator, and its insulating properties can be improved if the air cavities are crammed.
  • These frames are unable to be painted, but are offered in lots of colors and involve small maintenance.
  • Because vinyl’s colour is portion of the materials, instead than painted above the surface area, it will not chip or fade.

Window frames are additional than just a design aspect they guard your home from external things this kind of as moisture, extreme temperatures, and unwanted noise. Comprehension the properties and properties of the distinctive forms of window body materials will assist you determine which materials is most effective suited to your funds and requirements.

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