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November 23, 2015

Protechwood – Timber Mezzanine Floors

Freestanding timber mezzanine flooring for industrial and industrial applications are a somewhat new progress in the United kingdom, however desire is developing.

Timber mezzanines utilise structural laminated timber (Glulam) in put of steel for columns and main beams, even though composite ‘I’ part timber secondary beams replace the cold rolled galvanised steel of classic steel mezzanine flooring. The acquainted 38mm tongued and grooved particle board broadly utilised as decking product is retained and can be sourced featuring a substantial recycled timber material.

Structural connections are achieved applying bolted engineered steel fittings.

Timber continues to be greatest suited to lighter applications these types of as support entry platforms, the generation of lifted workplaces and gentle storage use in dry environments, while steel offers greater sturdiness in significant obligation applications, damp or wet environments or where by vehicular problems is very likely. The broader array of substitute materials now accessible permit the selection of the most appropriate answer to satisfy environmentally friendly and corporate and social obligation specifications.

Timber is of class a renewable useful resource as perfectly as currently being a carbon sink, and it can be recycled in a quantity of methods these types of as reuse of structural factors for development or breaking down for reconstitution in potential timber items.

Advantages of timber development are simplicity of on site modification and lightness of factors. The processing of timber to produce composite and glulam factors utilizes a lot less electricity than classic steel development and forestry has a lot less environmental affect than the mining, processing and reprocessing of iron ore and steel.

Glulam beams and engineered composite ‘I’ part timber beams keep a substantial diploma of dimensional security mainly because of the distributed nature of stresses in the raw product, avoiding the warping and distortion of good timber development. In addition, as the development of a timber mezzanine flooring is dry, the structure will not be subject matter to any drying out or shrinkage.

To summarise, timber mezzanine flooring appreciably cut down the amount of steel essential in mezzanine development and the connected electricity and environmental fees. They are now equipped to supply a value efficient answer to light-weight mezzanine flooring applications in picked situations, enabling carbon footprints to be decreased and enhancing corporate and social obligation.

This article is an initial guide to the likely of timber mezzanine flooring, however the precise specifications of each individual undertaking ought to be talked over with your supplier to be sure that selection of the most appropriate product is made.

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