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July 30, 2015

Protechwood – Vinyl Siding Repair – How To Install Vinyl Siding Replacement Panel

Vinyl siding is very forgiving and when the time comes that you need to repair siding, some simple tips can assist you to do it yourself.

First thing we need to understand is what siding material we will need for our repair. So get out some paper and make your list. In some cases you may only need the siding panels themselves.

  • Now that we have our list we need to narrow down the following:
  • What kind of siding do we need for our repair?
  • Who is the manufacture that created the product?
  • What color siding do we need?

Now once we have done the research and found all the above answers, we can now safely get all our siding material for our repair.

You can visit the author section below, and follow on with other articles that go into more detail on the above, to better help narrow down how to find the right material for your repair.

In this case, we will move forward and start our repair. Now please understand that the more complex your repair is the more information will be needed. This article will out line the basics of replacing new panels for our siding repair.

Now we will need a few siding hand tools to complete our repair. Below is the list of tools needed:

  • Pry bar – Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Siding Snips
  • Tape Measure
  • Vinyl Siding Zip Tool

Now all of these tools are available at any big box store or hardware. The last tool listed is a must have, let me say that again, when doing a vinyl siding repair you will have to use the zip tool to unlock and re lock the vinyl siding. With out this tool your repair can be a hassle.

Now lets remove our old vinyl siding, we can do this by starting above our siding that we are replacing. Yes with vinyl siding repairs we must start from the top down. So go to the siding panel that is above the ones you are going to replace.

We need to use our siding zip tool to unlock the 2 pieces. This is a bit tricky so I have included a video below for you. Once you have the first panel un zipped, we then can use our hammer or pry bar and pull nails from the panel.

When pulling the nails please put them in your pouch, pocket, coffee can, we do not want them on the ground we are going to use them to re hang our new panels.

Once you have all the panels removed. Use your tape measure and measure the wall where the new siding repair is being done.

Remember to leave 1 /4 spacing on each side of the panel for expand and contractions.

Now cut the new siding to your measurement and start at the bottom and install the new piece of vinyl siding.

Make sure that the panels lock together by pulling up on the panel. When locked properly, siding will move side to side with ease. Now we need to nail our siding every 14 – 16 inches re using the nails we pulled down.

  • Never nail tight, always nail the siding in the middle of the nailing slots.
  • Stay away from each end of the siding at least 2 inches.

Repeat the process till you have nailed off the last piece of siding and are ready to re lock the 2 panels together.

Use the zip tool and lock the panels together.

congratulations you have just repaired your siding and completed your vinyl siding repair.

Source by Protechwood

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