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April 2, 2020

The Advantages of UPVC Cladding

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Cladding is more prevalent around the house than you may think. It is used to protect and decorate the house – both on the inside and out. In the past, wooden cladding was widely used. But it is now being widely replaced by plastic cladding, which is often known as UPVC cladding. Plastic cladding has several advantages over wood.

Firstly, UPVC has a far longer shelf life than its wooden counterpart. This is because plastic is 100% waterproof, and is therefore not subject to deterioration from the effects of heavy rain, or inclement weather. Wood can very easily warp and split if it gets damp, whereas plastic will maintain its shape. In fact, most UPVC cladding will come with a 20 year guarantee. Providing it is installed correctly in the first place, it is unlikely that you will need to do any work on it over this timescale.

In conjunction with this, cladding is liable to offer better protection, because of the fact that it is waterproof. Any area of the building that has cladding on it will be protected. Plastic is far better at resisting the effects of the weather than the bricks of the wall are. Bricks will start to erode, and the effects of this can be quite severe over a period of time. Plastic will also provide better protection than the original wood cladding which will, like the bricks, start to deteriorate.

UPVC requires no maintenance at all once it has been put in place and, as previously mentioned, this is guaranteed for up to 20 years. Wood cladding on the other hand requires maintenance. It needs to be regularly painted with protectors and treatments to prevent any moisture from entering the cladding. This means spending a lot more time up a ladder, or crawling about in the roof!

In some cases, UPVC cladding is also used to cover and protect roof insulation. This provides a sturdier and more protected roof, and can even help to keep the heat trapped within the walls of the house.

UPVC can be shaped and sawn just as easily as the old style wood cladding, and is available in a variety of styles and different finishes. Pound for pound, it is far cheaper than wood and can be installed far more simply, which also keeps labour costs down. And, because of its longevity, UPVC cladding is far more environmentally friendly than traditional wood cladding.

Plastic cladding definitely has many advantages!

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