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November 28, 2023

Waterproof Decking For The Home

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Decks are ideally an extension of your home used for sitting, having barbeques, sunbathing, entertaining visitors or just enjoying a great view. The uses are seamless and it is left to the owner’s creativity to adapt this extra space as desired. Decks are cheap, fast to build and offer an easy-to-use outdoor recreational area, thus increasing the size of your home with very little construction.

Traditionally, wood has been used by builders and home owners as material for constructing decks. There is no denying that wood offers an old world charm, especially in the midst of all the concrete and steel your home is made of. But wood also rots. It warps, splits, cracks, and is susceptible to mildew, mold and algae. All in all a homeowner’s nightmare! One may use pressure treated lumber, infused with various salts that prevent wood decay, but as long as your deck is exposed to elements such as sea water, rain, snow and hail, it will rot over time, unless regular maintenance schedules are kept. In fact, of all the areas of your home, decks may need the highest amount of safeguarding.

The easiest way to waterproof your wooden deck is to use any one of the deck sealers available in the market. Deck sealers basically protect wood by forming a thin film on the surface which prevents water and moisture from coming in direct contact with wood. Although these sealers work well, they are susceptible to UV radiation, which damages them over time. Many times these sealers do not enter the nooks and crannies, the tight corners and areas where the boards actually meet. Leaving these areas untreated is putting the whole deck at risk. Newer compounds which claim to enter the wood and fill the capillaries, thus increasing the density of wood and thereby reducing its absorbent nature, may be better options. Although wooden decks look the best, they are maintenance intensive because there is no way to make them completely waterproof and hassle-free.

Since water is the biggest enemy, the classic wooden ones will need to be treated regularly to make them last a lifetime, while new homeowners who plan to get a deck fitted can opt for modern and completely waterproof decking solutions. The most common materials used to make 100% waterproof and maintenance-free decks are aluminum and plastic which imitate wood and composites.

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Aluminum, plastic and composite decking materials are easier to fix, maintenance-free, completely waterproof and also environment friendly. In addition to this, these decks also provide a dry space underneath, which can be used for storing things. This means more useable floor space come rain or hail.

Aluminum decks are lightweight, corrosion-free, mildew resistant and durable because they are not affected by insects, they will not rot, or form splinters and crack. These decks also stay cooler in summer because aluminum allows for maximum heat dissipation as long as good ventilation exists. In fact, aluminum decks are cooler than composite and wooden decks. These waterproof decks can withstand up to 50lbs of weight per sq foot, which means heavy snowfall is also not a problem. For maximizing use during winter months heating strips can be fitted on them.

In comparison, plastic decking, which is also totally waterproof, stands second because sunlight affects plastics in the long run. On the other hand, aluminum is a cryogenically strong material which does not get brittle in cold weather. Further, plastic and composite decking materials have a higher expansion coefficient, which translates to unwanted expansions and contractions that could result in aesthetic catastrophes and structural weakness over time.

There is no question that waterproof decks are the best and safest option for homeowners. Wooden decks are beautiful but demanding. On the other hand, the new age decks are maintenance-free, available in various colors and designs and long-lasting. So if you are considering fixing a deck in your home, look at waterproof decks because they may surprise you with their usability and versatility.

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